Special Products


SFC Europe supply special and non-standard high integrity fasteners and components for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Heavy Engineering industries. Products include Hex Bolts and sets, Engineering Studs, Socket Screws, 12 Point Screws/Nuts, Cap Nuts, Foundation Bolts and Tie Bars, ‘U’ Bolts, Eye Bolts, Plugs, Pressure Plugs, Spacers Connectors and Threaded Components.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Hot and Cold Head Forming.
  • CNC and Semi-Automatic Machining.
  • Thread Cutting and Rolling.
  • Centre-less Grinding.
  • Product identification by computer controlled marking machines.


An extensive range of material grades are held in stock including alloy and stainless steels, high nickel and copper-nickel alloys, non-ferrous, and exotic materials for high performance applications.

Thread Forming

Imperial/metric – UNC/UN8/UNF/BSW/BSF

Plating, coating and testing

SFC Europe can meet the most demanding requirements for heat treatment, testing and the full range of plated and coated finishes including: Zinc, Galvanized, Sherardized, Phosphate, PTFE, Zinga, etc.